Algorithmic Trading System

Novobot is an innovative trading system for those who like to be one step ahead! All Novotrend developments are ready-made tools to make money. We use them in our work and offer them to you.

NOVOBOT is Novotrend trading robot

Trading on financial markets is not just an intellectual contest. Modern technology opens new possibilities for traders. The MT5 trading platform opens up the possibilities of the so-called algorithmic trading. It increases chances for successful trading. Let's find out how algorithms can help and how to use them.

Depending on the strategy, robot determines the most accurate entry point
Using a robot allows you to begin trading even inexperienced traders
There is no human factor and “cold” algorithmic decisions
It is possible to apply trading algorithms to any market
Responsiveness allows you to make fast decisions in the moment of occurrence of the necessary signal on the chart
It can trade 24/7
Trading robot is available
only to Novotrend clients
Do the registration
Open a deposit
from $500
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Download the MT5 platform, log in to your account and activate your robot
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Novotrend trading robot will take over successful trading
What is the NOVOBOT?
The Novotrend brokerage company offers its customers its own financial advisor, a trading robot. It can work with a large number of assets and is able to switch between them independently.
Estimated yield
Up to 8-9% monthly
Trading instruments
Up to 30 assets
Price of the service
Free of charge (with a deposit of $500)
Available settings
Depending on the amount in the account
Product launch
2019 year. Latest version dated November 3, 2020.
When a client connects to Novotrend, he gets:
A proven product
that guarantees
passive income
Regular automatic
Prompt technical
support service
The client is presented with
all the features of the
product to work on the
6-12 months of testing
under real market conditions
  • Ideal for clients who are only new
    to financial markets
  • Don't want to trade yourself?
    Just install our innovative algorithmic trading system and get a stable income!
  • We guarantee client support and support at all
    stages of cooperation
  • 7 days of testing period is free of charge!
Why our robot is better?
This smart tool decides by itself which assets are more rational to trade at a given moment. It knows how to switch between the charts
Operational data processing allows analyzing quotes instantly
It works round the clock. It can make a deal at any time of the day or night.
It allows you to manage your money and risks
Flexible adjustment possibilities, operative technical support service
Emotions inherent to human do not affect the efficiency of trading. It is not able to get tired and cannot make a mistake

Novotrend broker company offers its clients an effective service, its own trading robot, which can manage a large number of assets simultaneously and possibility of independent switching between trading instruments. Its algorithms are based on a strategy that helps generate high percentages of profitability.

You can control the robot using only one panel. You do not need to switch the Expert Advisor from chart to chart, just drag-and-drop it to the window with the asset to be automatically connected.

It can be reloaded, which allows you to work either with the robot, or manually. The robot protects against drawdowns by fixing unprofitable trades automatically.

What is leverage?

Leverage is the ratio between the trader's funds and the borrowed funds provided by the broker. Leverage of 1:100 means that to open a position you will need an amount 100 times less than the nominal volume of the position.

How to open a trading account?

To open a trading account, you need to log into your personal account, go to the "Accounts" section, click "Real Account", then select the required amount of leverage, click "Create account".

You can trust our robot to trade

Add to your list of advanced users. All you need is a MetaTrader5 trading terminal. Take advantage of its undeniable advantages to automate your trading, make trading easier and increase your profits. 

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