When you trade commodities (BRENT oil, WTI oil) you also enter into a CFD (Contract for Difference) OTC financial derivative which allows you to profit from changes in the price of the underlying asset. Earn with Novotrend

Realiability & Security
Your trading account is protected against negative balances.

You can trade both ways of the market

Trade with a small deposit of at least $50

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Why Trade CFDs on Commodities?

Trading CFDs on BRENT, WTI, GAS and other trading instruments is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.

InstrumentSellBuyDaily Changes%Contract size
* Quotes in the table are for reference only. You can view the trading conditions for all instruments in the MetaTrader5 platform by moving your mouse cursor over the “specification” symbol
The reason to trade CFDs on Commodities with Novotrend
The company’s clients can enjoy the best trading conditions and the ability to trade on any gadget and anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet.
MetaTrader5 trading platform

The most advanced, user-friendly and innovative trading platform with a wide range of analytical tools.


High liquidity - the Novotrend pool includes the best liquidity providers, which ensures secure trade execution.

Hedging system

This accounting system enables you to have many trading positions for one and the same instrument including multidirectional positions.

Demo Account

Demo account gives the opportunity to work in a training mode without any real money, but at the same time it gives the possibility to work out trading strategy. It has the same functionality as a real account.

The gross profit of the trade is calculated as follows
Opening Price
71.5 USD * 100 contracts * 2 = 14,230.00 USD
Opening a deal

Let's assume that BRENT is currently trading at $71.13/$71.15. Market participants expect the price of black gold to rise in the near future.

Closing Price
$ 76.72 * 100 Contracts *2 = USD $ 15344.00. $76.72 USD * 100 contracts * 2 = USD 15344.00.

The trader then buys 2 contracts (200 barrels) at a price of 71.15 which equals USD 14,230.00 (71.15 x 100 x 2).


Gross profit on the trades
$15344.00 - $14200.00 = $1144.00
Close the Deal

The trader's prediction of a price increase proves correct, and the BRENT value causes the price to rise to $76.72/$76.74. The trader sells the 2 contracts he bought earlier but at a price of $76.72, which equals $15344.00 (76.72 x 100). x 2 )

The difference between the initial Ask price and the final Bid price is 557 pips in the trading terminal; it means that you have bought 2 BRENT contracts for USD 143230.00 and sold them for USD 15344.00, which means that you have made a profit of USD 15344.00 - 14230.00 = USD 1114.00.


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Trade Not only Commodites
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Successful trading on financial markets starts with a user-friendly and functional trading platform. MetaTrader5 is the best choice for modern trader. 

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Novotrend Advantages
The company’s clients can enjoy the best trading conditions and the ability to trade on any gadget and anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet.
Replenish & Withdraw profits using cryptocurrency without commission (Tether, Bitcoin, Etherium)
Global Presence

Get worldwide support in your language and multilingual customer support via telegram, email and online chat.

265+ Trading Tools

Currencies, Stocks, Metals, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies

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No commission for depositing or withdrawing profit via cryptocurrencies

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